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MANDEVILLE — Mile Gully High School, in Manchester, has honoured Hugh Nash for serving the institution as Chairman for 30 years.

At an appreciation function held on May 21, in Mandeville, Principal of the school, Ulit Bracket, lauded the former Chairman for his distinctive leadership to the management of the school, which has led to academic successes and awards.

“The minutes’ book gives evidence of the quality discussions that we had. Mr. Nash was there with us in the laying of the foundation, when we formulated the philosophy for the school, and when we developed the motto and logo,” Mr. Bracket said.

“Under Mr. Nash’s leadership, in 2002 the Board was awarded by the National Council on Education for outstanding contribution to school governance in Jamaica. In that year, six schools were recognised and Mile Gully came out as the number one Board. In 2007, the Board was again given a similar award,” he added.

Keynote speaker at the event, Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean said that for his service to the country, Mr. Nash was awarded the Order of Distinction, Officer Class (OD), the Order of Distinction, Commander Class (CD), as well as the Institute of Jamaica Centenary Award for services to Culture.

“He has motivated neighbouring schools in North West Manchester to adopt the experiment at Mile Gully. His contribution to the building of this nation has been recognised by many, and we are indeed humbled at the Ministry of Education for this opportunity to say thank you for invaluable service you have provided over the years and the significant contribution you have made to the development of the Mile Gully High School,” Mrs. McLean said.

She pointed out that Mr. Nash implemented several fund-raising efforts for the school, especially through concerts over the last 30 years, and conducted several seminars and workshops on personal development for teachers and students.

Meanwhile, in his reply, Mr. Nash said he has given service to his country as, “my whole life has been service, and I don’t see it as a duty, it is a part of my life."

“Mile Gully has tremendous potential for further development, and I was privileged to serve with a distinguished Board,” he said.



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