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As the price of oil soars, the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications has intensified its campaign to encourage Jamaicans to conserve energy.
Senior Engineer in the Ministry’s Energy Division, Fitzroy Vidal, told JIS News that the country was spending too much money to import oil and this is unsustainable.
“It is estimated that last year we spent US$2.2 billion to import oil into the country. That is valuable hard currency that could be better used on health and education to create the quality of life we deserve. So, if we reduce our individual pattern of consumption, we are helping to reduce the national pattern and the significant savings realized from the reduction can go to transform other sectors in the economy and give us the kind of growth that shows the prosperity of a country,” he said. Mr. Vidal pointed out that audits have been carried out in a number of ministries and agencies and the necessary recommendations made with strict monitoring to ensure that they comply. “We have to lead by example,” he stressed.
The senior engineer said the National Water Commission is being encouraged to use more energy efficient pumps and solar where possible. “If the utility providers produce energy with efficiency, then the consumers will likely follow suit in the way they utilize energy. In this campaign, everyone is a stake holder,” Mr. Vidal emphasised. He explained that a reduction in the use of energy would help to put the Jamaican economy on a firm footing, and resources spent on fuel can be directed to the social sector.
To assist in its campaign, the Ministry’s Energy Division has produced a booklet titled, ‘Energy Conservation Measures and Tips for Residential and Small Commercial Sectors’. “Your best defence against the increasing cost of energy generated by imported fuel is energy conservation and wise energy habits. Being energy efficient means saving on energy costs without any reduction in the quality of life. In fact, it will mean an improvement in the quality of life, because greater efficiency contributes to a cleaner environment,” the document outlines. For motorists, the booklet suggests that they should make sure their engine, gear box and rear axle oil levels are correct for fuel efficiency. “Ensure proper inflation of tyres, monitor fuel and mileage. Don’t use a 3 tonne truck to do what a

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