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A sum of $5.78 million has been earmarked for the Natural Assets Managed for Rural Development and Sustainable Growth Project, in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure, currently before the House of Representatives.
The objectives of this project are to: strengthen governance processes to achieve truly integrated management of land and water use within selected basins; undertake a threat-based approach to the protection of valuable biodiversity and improved management of targeted ecosystem and protected areas management; demonstrate a new paradigm and approach for disaster management that involves upper and lower basin stakeholders in collaborative dialogue, planning and implementation of mitigation; promotion of voluntary compliance to acceptable standards and environmental excellence through the implementation of Environmental Management Systems, Blue Flag and Clean Technology; build capacity for knowledge-based decision-making by the assessment of the state of Jamaica’s environment and the publication of relevant reports.
Physical achievements include the preparation of an institutional framework for managing the national system for protected areas; the strengthening of Jamaica’s implementation of the Blue Flag programme; the continued monitoring of the water quality of the Blue Flag certified beaches; and the procurement of office and field equipment.
For this year, it is expected that the project will bring on board a Public Education Specialist and a Blue Flag Co-ordinator; continue the research programme for Jamaica’s system of protected areas; continue the public education/awareness programme on protected areas; conduct a workshop on land-use management in watershed areas; and restore at least one degraded mangrove forest.

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