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As plans move ahead for the staging of the third Diaspora Conference in Kingston, the Future Leadership Committee of the Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation (JDCF) will hold its second annual Youth Leadership Summit on Friday, April 11 in Toronto, Canada.
According to Leo Campbell, the JDCF’s Director of Future Leadership, the Summit will explore “areas of cooperation and support for future leaders in Jamaica and Canada, as well as a frank discussion on challenges of, and possible solutions for, young people of Jamaican descent in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).”
“This is a great opportunity for our future leaders not only to find areas of cooperation between the two countries, but also to see how they can contribute to Jamaica and Jamaicans as part of their own personal development,” Mr. Campbell added.
President of the JDCF Philip Mascoll, noted that one of the objectives of the Summit is to pull younger Jamaicans living in Canada into the Diaspora movement.The Summit is being held in partnership with the Jamaican High Commission, the Jamaican Consulate General and the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA).High Commissioner Evadne Coye said she welcomes the Summit as a way of learning from “the Diaspora youth themselves, their perspectives on, and linkage with, Jamaica’s development.”
“I believe that this forum will help to effectively prepare the youth delegates to the third Diaspora Conference to be held June 16 and 17 in Kingston.”
Meanwhile, Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto, Anne-Marie Bonner said, “We were very encouraged with the outcome of the first summit and we are delighted again to be working with the Future Leadership Committee to hold this second Summit.I congratulate the Future Leadership Committee on this initiative and I am looking forward to this discussion.”
President of the JCA, Sandra Carnegie-Douglas said her organization was delighted to be a part of the initiative. “We can never understate the importance of integrating youth involvement in the up-building of our communities, be it in Canada or more importantly, the growing movement of the Jamaican Diaspora,” she said.
The Summit is targeting young people of Jamaican descent between the ages of 16 and 30 and it is partly sponsored by the Gleaner Company.

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