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The proposed Herb McKenley Memorial at the National Heroes Park will celebrate the late sports icon’s stellar career in track and field.
Operations Director for the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Audley McLean told JIS News that within the post burial Memorial, the track would be depicted by the use of Red Salvas and Red Begonias or Miniature Ixoras. In addition, he said that paving stones with white gravel infill would represent the track lanes and provide a means for movement through the garden for contemplation.
The track will also be surrounded by a Hibiscus Hedge with three Ebony trees as accents. At the end of the track, a Golden Shower Tree will be planted, with its spectacular golden blooms to be surrounded by Silver Buttonwood and Dusty Miller to represent the medals he won for Jamaica.
The Memorial, which will be funded by the Finance Ministry, will cost approximately $400,000.Mr. McKenley, who died on November 26, was given an official funeral on December 8.

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