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Major road works have commenced at the Port of Kingston maritime business district ahead of another phase of development of the port, which is scheduled to begin soon.
The Tinson Pen Aerodrome lands are to be incorporated in the existing port area.
The road works will eliminate traffic congestion between the port and the significant urban centres of Portmore and downtown Kingston to the west and east of the New Port West maritime business district. It will be designed to transform the area into a sterile zone with security and traffic control systems to ensure there are no impediments for the district’s legitimate businesses and their customers.
At the request of Minister of Transport and Works, Mike Henry, leaders of the maritime business community and the media joined him at the New Port West head office of the Shipping Association of Jamaica, on Tuesday (December 11), where technical experts outlined the scope of the road improvement works in progress.
Ivan Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC), supported by Jean Noel Foulard of contractors Bouygues Travaux Publics Construction Company of France and Guillame DuBois of Trans Jamaican Highway Limited, delivered the presentation.
Technical contributions were also made by Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Joseph Hibbert; Technical Director, Milton Hodelin, and Noel Hylton, Chief Executive Officer of the Port Authority of Jamaica.
The maritime business community was represented by Grantley Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer of Kingston Wharves Limited; Michael Bernard of the Shipping Association of Jamaica, and Ruel Gibson of the Port Truckers Association, among others.
In his presentation, Mr. Anderson revealed that in November 2007 work commenced on the widening of the section of Marcus Garvey Drive between Ninth Avenue/Tinson Pen and East Avenue. This is a significant component of a project budgeted at US$9.1 million that also includes patching adjacent roads.
The work is expected to be completed in eight months.Mr. Anderson also revealed that in the East bound direction, three lanes would be created from East Avenue to Ninth Avenue and that in the West bound direction, three lanes would be created from Second Avenue to Ninth Avenue, while two lanes would be created from East Avenue to Second Avenue.
He said additional street lights would be installed as well as new median barriers. Pedestrian sidewalks would also be included in the works, while rehabilitation and replacement of existing drainage infrastructure would be another significant component.

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