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    The Manning’s Boys’ Home in Southfield, St. Elizabeth, has received five computers and sport and school supplies from the New York-based Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO).
    At the handing over ceremony at the institution on May 19, Manager of the Home, Delroy Brown, expressed gratitude for the gifts, adding that the computers would assist the boys with their education.

    Regional Director of the Child Development Agency (CDA), Grace-Ann McFarlane and Founder of the New York-based Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO), Gary Williams (right), look on as residents of the St. Elizabeth-based Manning Child Care Facility in St. Elizabeth use computers that have been donated to the institution. Mr. Williams yesterday (May 19) handed over five computers, a printer, sports gear, and school suplies to the home.

    “Now that we have access to the Internet, it will assist the boys to do their research. We are dealing with human beings, and these boys have potential, and if they can put that potential to work, we can create areas like art and craft. We can build things and put them on display,” Mr. Brown said.
    Founder of COJO, Gary M. Williams, told the gathering that his organisation chose to give back to children in the Children Service, “because you all have potential, and these computers will enhance your potential, and make you productive citizens. You have the Internet, you can use it and do your home work,” he said.
    Director of the Southern Regional Office of the Child Development Agency (CDA), Grace-Ann McFarlane, who accepted the items on behalf of the CDA, encouraged the boys to make good use of the gifts.

    Manager of the Manning Child Care Facility in St. Elizabeth, Delroy Brown (left), and Duty Officer, Kevin Ogilvie (2nd left), watch as boys of the institution play a game of football, utilising sports gear donated by Founder of the New York-based Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO), Gary Williams. The gifts, including five computers, school supplies and a printer, were handed over to the institution on May 19.

    She noted that all the three Government run facilities under her watch have benefited from COJO, including St. Augustine, Summerfield and Manning’s. “It is an investment in you, and I truly hope that it will benefit you all. You will have to use them with care, abide by the instructions that are given to you, on how to use them,” Mrs. McFarlane told the boys.
    COJO was founded in 1994 as a nonprofit organisation that seeks to undertake projects of support and give relief to children in Jamaica.

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