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As Labour Day approaches, the St. Mary Labour Day Committee is reporting that six major projects have so far been registered in the parish.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News on Tuesday (May 18), Secretary Manager of the St. Mary Parish Council, Ethlyn Douglas, said the projects include the painting and beautification of schools, bushing of roadways, erection of road signs, and the planting of trees.
Communities, which have registered projects are: Carron Hall, Pembroke Hall, Coffee Walk, Hartland, Mile Gully, and Dressikie.
In keeping with the Labour Day theme: ‘Our Children.Show Them We Care’, the parish project will be carried out at the Pringle Home for Children in Highgate, where the day’s activities will include the painting of the building and the planting of trees on the compound.
Miss Douglas told JIS News that Labour Day activities in the parish are being supported by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), which will supply seedlings for the tree planting, while the Social Development Commission (SDC) is assisting with planning.
She informed that the St. Mary Labour Day Committee will also be working closely with the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to ensure the proper disposal of garbage collected on the day.
The committee is also in the process of soliciting the support and co-operation of the various communities and organisations in the parish to ensure that this year’s Labour Day is a success.
National Labour Day will be observed on Monday, May 24.

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