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The Abilities Foundation will be hosting an open day on Wednesday (May 26) in observance of Abilities Day 2010.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News Wednesday (May 20), Interim Managing Director, Susan Hamilton, said that the day will be used to showcase the “beautiful displays” done by students of the institution from all the departments.
“We will be having a lot of things on display that the children made. Persons can expect to see beautiful things such as scented candles, furniture such as tables and chairs, bedroom sets, art pieces, horticultural display, place mats, table cloth, cards and book markers,” she outlined.
According to Ms. Hamilton, the open day will not only highlight the progress of students but also show sponsors and interest groups, including mainstream schools, the work that the foundation has been doing.
Parents of children, who need special attention, can also get a firsthand view of what is offered at the institution and sign up their children for the new school year in September.
“The open day is to get support from corporate Jamaica to support the foundation and spread the news about the work of the foundation. The aim is to showcase what the students are doing and what the institution will be offering,” Ms. Hamilton said.
The Abilities Foundation provides quality vocational education for person’s with disabilities, to enable them to function as creative and productive citizens. It is a registered voluntary organisation and a community-based training institution with HEART Trust /NTA.
Abilities Day is observed each year to increase awareness among Jamaicans about persons with disabilities. This year’s celebration will be held under the theme: ‘Motivation for Empowerment’.

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