JIS News

Commissioner of the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB), Stewart Beckford, says the entity is looking to identify a suitable site in the Balaclava area of St. Elizabeth to construct an additional fire station to serve the parish.

“We have had discussions [with] the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development and our Board, with a view to try and identify a piece of property there,” he told JIS News in a recent interview.

He said that the additional facility will speed up the response time of fire units as well as reduce the workload of the existing stations located in Black River, Junction and Santa Cruz.

A fire station in the Balaclava area will also have the potential to serve sections of Manchester and Trelawny.

Meanwhile, land has been identified to build a fire station in southern Trelawny. The parish currently has one facility located in Falmouth.

The Government has approved the construction of fire stations in Montego Bay, St, James; Port Maria in St. Mary; and Yallahs in St. Thomas.

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