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The Junction Market in St. Elizabeth was cleaned and sanitised on Labour Day (May 25), which was observed under the theme ‘Labour at Home’.

Spearheaded by the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, the activity was carried out by volunteers from the Municipality and the wider community.

Chairman of the Corporation and Mayor of Black River, Councillor Derrick Sangster, as well as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Errol Lebert, were on hand to volunteer their services.

“We used the opportunity to clean the Junction Market. The major thing we did was to wash out the market with a power hose,” Mr. Lebert told JIS News.

He stressed the importance of keeping the busy Junction market clean, noting that it facilitates a healthy environment for the people of St. Elizabeth to do business.

“This is part of cleanliness and, of course, to really facilitate a much better environment for the vendors and shoppers to operate,” Mr. Lebert said.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) in St. Elizabeth was also busy on the day as firefighters and support staff carried out comprehensive cleaning and sanitising exercises at all three stations – Black River, Junction and Santa Cruz – in the division.

Assistant Superintendent of the JFB in St. Elizabeth, Delroy Dowdie, coordinated the activities, which included deep cleaning of all floor areas, kitchens, shower stalls, dormitories, and washing of windows and exterior walls.

Remedial work was also undertaken at the Black River Fire Station for the construction of a retaining wall at the rear of the recreational area. This is being done to prevent floodwaters from entering the building.

Labour Day activities were mainly confined to persons working at home to clean their surroundings as the Government continues to implement measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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