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The Justice Training Institute (JTI) is working to restart its Court Reporting Programme, as part of efforts to fill the need for court reporters in the justice system.

Director/Principal of the JTI, Karen Campbell Bascoe, told JIS News that the area requires persons to use their hands extensively, and as such, persons who are naturally good with their hands would do well in the programme.

“What we are looking for are persons who can grasp the skill of writing using the steno machine in the shortest possible time, so we can take them through the training and get them out into the court system. One of the positives about doing such training is that you are almost guaranteed a job. The only reason I am using almost is that you have to finish the programme successfully. But once you have finished the programme and you have satisfied the requirements, the individual would be almost guaranteed a job, because there are so many vacancies within this area in the system,” she said.

The minimum entry requirements for Court Reporting are passes in at least five CSEC subjects, with English Language being a compulsory requirement.

Persons will also be subject to background checks, a medical and a discussion to ascertain whether “persons are truly self-motivated, goal oriented and willing to work towards getting through this particular training,” Mrs. Campbell Bascoe said.

Meanwhile, the JTI remains open for discussions surrounding tuition negotiations for persons interested in the course.

“If persons are not in the justice system, then they would pay the current rate of $10,000 for the two years. However, we are prepared – if these are persons who are truly interested and if we have sufficient applicants – to consider making some recommendations to see how best we can help them to meet their tuition requirements. For those who are in the system as justice sector workers, they would not pay,” Mrs. Campbell Bascoe noted.

Court Reporting is a two-year programme that requires participants to type at a particular speed for a certain number of words per minute as well as with an accuracy level of 95 per cent.

Mrs. Campbell Bascoe said persons who master this quickly can finish the course in less than two years.

The JTI is the training arm of the Justice Ministry and is the only institute locally offering training in court reporting and steno writing.

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