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    Governor-General, His Excellency, the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall, has urged Jamaicans to strive for excellence in all areas of endeavour.
    “Let the pursuit of excellence be integral to your lives. Nurture it and allow it to blossom to the fullness of human capacity”, Professor Hall said, as he addressed a civic function at the Grand Invercauld Hotel in Black River yesterday (May 4).
    He noted that if the people of every village and township, home, school and workplace undertake to do their best at all times then this would have a positive impact on society. “Consider the impact and the kind of Jamaica that would emerge if we were all seized with a determination to pursue excellence in all we do.excellence is not an act but a habit, not a position but a disposition,” he stated.
    Meanwhile, His Excellency outlined his vision for Jamaica, as “a country with a renewed appreciation for good governance and the rule of law, one in which each citizen makes a personal commitment to demonstrate his or her citizenship in a tangible way.”
    He called on custodes and justices of the peace to re-examine and expand their roles and “work more closely with elected parish councillors and members of parliament, maintain stronger links with officers of the Ministries of Education and Health as well as children services.”
    The Governor-General further encouraged them to become more actively involved in training programmes that impact the future of young people and in strengthening social capital by forging links with public and private sector entities, particularly in social and economic projects that promote the welfare of women and children.
    “Let us remember that today’s young people have more knowledge within their reach than previous generations and it is indeed their hopes on which the future of this country will be built. It is therefore incumbent on the transitional generation to find meaningful ways to involve them in national development,” he stated.
    After the function, Professor Hall and his wife Her Excellency Rheima Hall, viewed an exhibition mounted at the nearby parish library, which depicted the many resources of the breadbasket parish.
    The Governor-General was in St. Elizabeth as part of his island wide familiarization tour, to meet with custodies, justices of the peace and other civic leaders.