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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall, has said that the country’s young people must be productively engaged, with their talents channelled into service to their communities and the nation.
Professor Hall, who was addressing a meeting of community leaders in Portland at the Ken Wright Pier in Port Antonio recently, pointed out that the “knowledge within the reach of today’s young people is far greater than what was available to young people of previous generations, thereby empowering them to play a critically important role in the future development of the country”.
He called on “the transitional generation of the 1960’s, which straddled the era of colonialism and independence”, to contribute to the process, by inspiring young people to hone their skills and channel their talents into productive endeavours.
Meanwhile, the Governor-General congratulated the leaders in Portland, for empowering the youth to participate in the parish’s development, through the promotion of 4-H programmes and providing training in areas such as information technology, hospitality and business development.
Turning to his own vision for Jamaica, the Governor-General said his wish was to see Jamaicans develop a renewed appreciation for good governance and the rule of law, and make a personal commitment to demonstrate their citizenship in tangible ways.
He expressed confidence that adherence to those standards would go a far way in placing the nation on the path to greater success and “promote the proactive approach to foster change and take pride in things Jamaican”.

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