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The committee, which was set up during the last parliamentary year to consider the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Bill, has been reconstituted.
National Security Minister and Leader of Government Business in the House, Dr. Peter Phillips, who on Wednesday (May 3) brought the motion to the house calling for the committee to be reformed, explained that for the group to continue work on the matter, which was being examined during the last session of parliament, it would have to be reconstituted.
Dr. Phillips said it was proposed to refer the Bill to a committee comprising: Labour and Social Security Minister, Derrick Kellier; Minister of State for National Security, Dr. Donald Rhodd; Member of Parliament for East Central St. Catherine K.D.Knight; Member of Parliament for Manchester Central, John Junor; Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South Central, Sharon Hay-Webster; Member of Parliament for Clarendon Central, Mike Henry; Member of Parliament for St. Andrew North Eastern, Delroy Chuck; Member of Parliament for St. James West Central, Clive Mullings; and Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Central, Olivia Grange.
The members will sit to sit jointly with a committee to be appointed by the Senate to consider and report on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Constitutional Amendment Act 2006. The Bill seeks to amend the Constitution to provide for a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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