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Jamaica’s rich cultural and heritage was a focal point of a special Black History Month programme, organised by the Jamaican Diaspora Youth Association -UK (JDYA -UK) for hundreds of students at Walworth Academy in South East London recently.
The special Black History Month event entitled: “We have Walked the Journey; Now Inspiring the Future”, has two very distinct aims. The first introduced the students to the island’s diverse culture by ways of presentation on the significance of Jamaica’s national symbols, music, and food, while the second aspect sought to empower young people to achieve their highest potential, and focus on their goals despite challenges.
In this interactive segment the association had the support of several high achieving young professionals from a number of sectors (many of Jamaican heritage), who along with three teachers from the school, spoke about their lives, and the challenges they overcame to achieve their goals.
The Jamaica Diaspora Youth Association – UK was launched in 2007 following a round a preliminary meetings, during which the young people declared that they would work to change the image of young black people in the United Kingdom, as well as tackle issues of development, social inclusion, and racism.
The formation of the Youth Association was one of the mandates the UK Diaspora movement, adopted following its first UK conference in 2006. Black History Month is celebrated each October in the United Kingdom, to promote knowledge of the Black history, cultural and heritage, and to disseminate information on the positive contributions of Blacks to the British society.

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