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On Sunday, November 2, the National Stadium will be transformed into a high speed action zone for the Ministry of Energy, and the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica’s (PCJ) E10 Xtreme Motor Sports and Family Fun Day.
“On Sunday the second of November, we will have the grand launch and celebration of the arrival of E10 in our market, and this will be presented in a motorsports and family fun day at the National Stadium, utilising the stadium ring road track,” said Dwight Lewis, E10 Project Director in an interview with JIS News.
“The admission to this event will be free to the public. It will feature extreme motorsports, using equipment and autos as they are displayed and seen in activities on ESPN. The event will include a stunt and motor cross biker’s show as well as rallying, club biking, and show runs, all organised by the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC),” he continued, adding that there will be a kiddies’ village, and para-gliders for additional entertainment.
Special entertainers for the day will include: Elephant Man, Tanya Stevens, Leroy Sibbles, and Daville. Another unique feature will be a cloud machine that will produce clouds in the shape of Jamaica and the E10 logo.
“You will see thousands of them (clouds) over the National Stadium, some of the clouds will be (in the shape of) E10, and some will be in the shape of the island of Jamaica,” organiser for the day’s event, Larry Henriques, of MC D

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