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The United Kingdom (U.K.) Government has announced that as of March next year, colleges and universities that want to enroll non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, must have a license issued by the UK Border Agency, under the new immigration points system.
Licensed institutions can then sponsor non-EEA students to study in the UK. According to a release from the Agency the system will clamp down on what it calls “bogus students” and ensure that only those who benefit Britain can continue to study the there. Under the new system, Jamaican and other foreign students must be sponsored by a U.K. Border Agency-licensed education institution, supply their fingerprints, and meet the new criteria.
The Agency is warning that as of autumn 2009, the system will be tightened further with the introduction of a ‘sponsor management system’ – dedicated technology that will make it easier for universities and colleges to inform the U.K. Border Agency if students fail to enroll or miss more than 10 sessions.
Border and Immigration Minister, Phil Woolas, said international students who come to Britain must play by the rules and benefit the country.
“International students contribute

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