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The Irish have indicated an interest in working closely with the Jamaican football authorities as a means of developing greater inter-cultural harmony in Ireland.
Chief Executive Officer of the Football Association of Ireland, John Delaney, recently met with Jamaica’s (non-resident) Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Anthony Johnson, to discuss the possible links between Jamaica and Ireland in football.
Jamaican Des Tomlinson, who is national co-ordinator of the organisation’s inter-cultural programme, told Mr. Johnson that he was keen to see more interactions between Jamaican and Irish footballers.
The Jamaican envoy, for his part, promised to forward the proposal to the Jamaica Football Federation.
Mr. Johnson was in Ireland last week to present his credentials to Irish President, Mary McAleese.
During his visit, Mr. Johnson met with members of the Jamaican community in Ireland, who expressed their eagerness to maintain a close relationship with the island.
The Jamaicans expressed concern about the lack of direct air links with Jamaica, the absence of an Irish consulate in Kingston, as well as of the difficulties in getting Jamaican products in Ireland.
Mr. Johnson said he would follow up on the concerns and urged the community to take advantage of the strong Jamaican brand.
Mr. Johnson is also Jamaica’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, and non-resident ambassador to four other European countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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