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Minister of State for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague, has exhorted students of the Oracabessa High School in St. Mary to make good use of their education to achieve personal success and to effectively contribute to national development.
Addressing the school’s annual prize giving ceremony on Thursday November 18, Mr. Montague told the students that the training they have received has placed them in a privileged position in the society and they should use the opportunity wisely.
He encouraged them to remain focused as they continue their education, and to develop a positive self-image in order to successfully confront the challenges, which will become a part of their daily experience.

Students of the Oracabessa High School in St. Mary perform a song at the school’s annual prize giving ceremony on Thursday, November 18.

Mr. Montague, who is Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary, appealed to the students to always be proud and supportive of their school, noting that Oracabessa High is a good institution, which has achieved a lot in its relatively short existence despite the resource constraints.
He also commended the staff and students for their outstanding performance and called on the entire school community to combine their efforts to ensure that the institution continues to provide quality education and training.
Mr. Montague said he is fully committed to supporting the school as part of the overall development plan for the constituency. Among the projects being planned or underway are: the expansion of the school; introduction of the Cuban Literacy Programme in a number of communities; providing free internet service to Oracabessa; development of a mini stadium in Oracabessa; upgrading of the Boscobel Aerodrome; and the establishment of a radio station in the Jacks River community.
During the ceremony, prizes were awarded to students for academic performance, attendance, and sports.

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