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Persons applying for land titles under the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP), are now benefitting from further reductions in fees paid to process the documents.
“We calculate our fees on the unimproved value of the land, so we have reduced the 40 per cent that was required (for deposit) and now make it $5,000 across the board,” stated Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague, as he addressed a LAMP financial business expo, held at the Santa Cruz Transport Centre, in St. Elizabeth, on November 19.
“When you pay the fee, LAMP will make an assessment, and if that assessment reveals that the documentation that you have will guarantee a title, we will give you a letter stating that, and then you can approach any one of the financial institutions and they will give you a loan, with between 12 and 60 months for repayment. They have tailored financial products that suit everybody,” the State Minister added.
He told the audience that his office is committed to delivering over 12,000 titles within a two-year period, and that they are now utilising modern techniques in the surveying process. “We can’t exist in a modern society not knowing our borders and boundaries, therefore, the wide-scale surveying is to correct that and to establish boundaries relative to your neighbour,” Mr. Montague said.
LAMP is now collaborating with a number of financial entities to provide support to the process of land titling. Participating institutions are: Jamaica National Building Society, National Commercial Bank, The People’s Co-operative Bank, First Caribbean International Bank, Capital and Credit Merchant Bank, St. Elizabeth Co-operative Credit Union, the National Housing Trust and the Bank of Nova Scotia.
“We want to congratulate these institutions for seeing the wisdom of investing, not only in Jamaica, but in Jamaicans,” Mr. Montague said.
LAMP is a Government agency operating out of the Office of the Prime Minister. It is geared toward easing the burden on persons seeking to obtain titles for land, as much of the fees are waived, and moratorium given on land taxes under the programme. Over 120 persons were presented with land titles at the forum.

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