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There are many different types of wetlands. These include marshes, swamps and bogs. There are several that are specific to the Caribbean such as mangroves, lagoons, swamp forests, and freshwater and brackish marshes.

In Jamaica, the most common wetlands are coastal mangroves, marshes/morasses, lakes and ponds.


Below are some of the major wetlands in Jamaica.

  • Great Morass, St. Thomas
  • Black River Morass, St. Elizabeth
  • Pear Tree Bottom, St. Ann
  • Palisadoes of Port Royal, Kingston
  • Great Salt Pond, St. Catherine
  • Canoe Valley and Salt River Swamp, Clarendon
  • Carbarita Swamp, Westmoreland
  • Hauge Swamp, Trelawny
  • Negril Swamp in Westmoreland and Hanover


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