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Hundreds of residents of communities in West Central St. Catherine, will now have improved access to health services at the newly rebuilt Kenneth Baugh Health Centre.

The facility, upgraded at a cost of $42 million through funding from the National Health Fund (NHF), offers a number of services, including curative, maternal and child health, dental, family planning, mental health, pap smear and laboratory. Pharmacy services will shortly be added.

It also includes a registry for record-keeping, antenatal and postnatal facility, immunisation area, a lunchroom, dressing room, and a doctor’s office.

The facility, formerly the Point Hill Health Centre, was renamed in honour of the late Dr. Kenneth Baugh, who served as Minister of Health from 1980 to 1989, and Member of Parliament for West Central St. Catherine from 1997 to 2016.

It serves more than 200 persons each month from Point Hill, Duxes, Mendez, Pusey, Roaring River, Garden Hill, Brown’s Town, Rennals and Old Works.

Speaking at the official opening of the rebuilt health centre on Wednesday (June 9), Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, said that the services offered at the upgraded facility are significant in improving the health of the residents.

“It is a major expansion and is a big deal. You are getting a complete service and that is what Dr. Baugh would have wanted and that is what we want for the people of these areas,” he noted.

Minister Tufton said that the upgraded health centre serves as a fitting tribute to Dr. Baugh, who championed primary healthcare and encouraged the practice of reduction in salt consumption, increased physical activity and the community response to public health.

“He was a committed public servant but also a doctor, caring for the people at the primary level. We celebrate him in a significant way because of the work done for the country and his constituents,” he added.


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