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The beautification of historical sites in Morant Bay has been designated as the St. Thomas parish project for Labour Day 2006, which is being observed under the theme, ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’.
Social Development Commission (SDC) Field Services Manager and Coordinator of Labour Day, Luther Cummings told JIS News that the project is among 81 projects that have been registered to date in the parish.
The activities will entail the refurbishing and beautification of the Rudolph Elder Park, the Morant Bay round-a-bout at the entrance of the town and Paul Bogle Square, including the ancestral burial ground and the Morant Bay court house.
Mr. Cummings said that the sites were chosen because of their rich history. He noted that there were plans to develop the area into a heritage tourism site in preparation for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.
“In the case of the Paul Bogle Square, we are really looking forward to developing a tourism package, eventually, that would be concentrated in this area, based on the rich history that it carries,” he added. Work at the Rudolph Elder Park will entail the refurbishing of the fountain, planting of flowers and the painting of areas where needed.
Mr. Cummings said the SDC would be making efforts to sensitise members of community groups and youth clubs about Labour Day and encourage them to participate in activities in their districts.
“We’re looking forward to having about 100 persons involved between the three areas that we are focusing on,” he added.
According to Mr. Cummings, financing of the projects would be undertaken by the business community and he stated that the Labour Day Committee has been getting “favourable responses” from letters sent out to business entities seeking funds. He said that the committee had already received some $18,000 as well as commitment letters from supermarkets, hardware stores, funeral homes and individuals in the town.He said that the majority of projects registered involved the beautification of public buildings, the planting of trees, and flowers, refurbishing of basic schools and the cleaning of drains.
Labour Day activities in the Parish will begin with a church service at the Morant Bay Anglican Church on Sunday, May 21 beginning at 8:00 a.m.

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