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For this Labour Day (May 23), the focus for St. Catherine will be on the maintenance and beatification of parks, gardens and public spaces.
Four parks in Spanish Town will receive priority attention. These are the McNeill Park in Greendale, one at the corner of Brunswick Avenue and Cumberland Road, another at the corner of Wellington and Manchester Streets, and the fourth at the corner of Nugent Street and Brunswick Avenue.
The theme for this year’s Labour Day is: ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’, and most of the projects submitted to the St. Catherine Labour Day Committee are linked to the theme.
Director of Administration at the St. Catherine Parish Council, Shirleen Greenland, who is co-ordinating Labour Day activities in the parish, told JIS News that the primary objective was to give the town a face-lift by beautifying these open spaces. “We have decided to plant trees, prune the existing trees in the park, do some painting and general cleaning-up,” she noted.
Miss Greenland pointed out that similar projects would be undertaken in other communities in St. Catherine. “Over in Old Harbour, they will be concentrating on repairing the fence for the park, while in Linstead, they will be painting some pedestrian crossings,” she added.
She is urging communities to register their projects with the local Labour Day Committee.

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