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The Trelawny Labour Day Committee has chosen the beautification of Water Square in Falmouth as the parish project for Labour Day 2006, which will be observed on May 23.
The scope of work will involve the cleaning of drains in the town centre, painting of business places and pedestrian crossings, planting of trees, bushing of sidewalks, among other things.
Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Johnathan Bartley, addressing a recent meeting of the Labour Day Committee, informed that already, work was underway to have the water fountain flowing again.
Meanwhile, several service groups will be carrying out work in the town. “Contact was made with service groups such as the Optimists, Rotary, Kiwanis and the police youth clubs, among others, and they will be coming out to play their part on Labour Day,” said Field Officer at the Trelawny Branch of the Social Development Commission (SDC), Devon Brown.
In the meantime, Trelawny Parish Manager for the National Works Agency (NWA), Wayne Cover, has informed that drain-cleaning works would be carried out during this week as well as on Labour Day, with emphasis placed on drains in and around Water Square.
Mayor Bartley is appealing to the residents to come out and support the national project, in addition to the various community clean-up and beautification works.
“Let us come out and join hands in work because the beauty of Trelawny is our duty,” he stated.
The theme for Labour Day 2006 is ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty.

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