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The Jamaica 50 Secretariat is advising that the Independence Grand Gala, which will be the showpiece of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, is still on at the National Stadium tomorrow (August 6), with Showtime being 5:30 p.m.

Dubbed: 'Tributes In Gold', the gala will highlight the significant achievements of the nation over the past 50 years, which will serve an inspiration to a ‘Nation On A Mission’. 

There will be over 3,000 performers, with about 1,500 costumed actors. There will be uniformed groups – the army, the correctional services, the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF), and the youth uniform groups. The show will close with a scintillating pyrotechnic and fireworks displays.

The gala will be presented in three acts – ‘Eternal Father Bless Our Land;’ ‘Natural Mystic’; and ‘Tomorrow’s People,’ and will feature dancing, choral and orchestral music, popular entertainers, giant screen video projections, colorful costumes and  audience participation.

Jamaicans attending this year’s Independence Grand Gala are being urged to wear gold for what is expected to be spectacular event.

There will be no Independence Day parade at King’s House and as such, the pomp and pageantry usually associated with the event will be incorporated into the grand gala in the form of a ceremonial prelude.

Jambiz International, which has been producing the grand gala since 2008 and has received much praise for the quality of those events, was awarded a $70 million contract to produce this year's show.

Principal Director of Culture in the Ministry of Youth and Culture, Sydney Bartley, has described the grand gala as the highpoint of the Independence celebrations over the years. “It provides an opportunity for people to express their patriotism, commitment and enthusiasm. When you look into the crowd and see the people’s faces there is such pride in their eyes. There is a glow,” he said.

Mr. Bartley explained that the event is also important to the promotion of national unity. “It brings out togetherness among the people and it is wonderful to see everybody shouting, cheering, singing, dancing and it feels good,” he added.

While the gala is free to the public, patrons will be required to have tickets to get inside the 35,000 capacity National Stadium to see the event live.  

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