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The Jamaica 50 Secretariat is advising that the Golden Jubilee Village at Independence Park is closed today (August 5), but persons wishing to go inside the National Arena to see the display booths, and to attend the Jubilee Conversations, can still do so.

Visitors to the National Arena can still access the Park and Ride offering, which is still available today.

Parking will not be permitted around the Jubilee Village, so patrons will therefore have to park at one of three locations prepared for this purpose, then use the Jamaica Urban Transit Company’s (JUTC) shuttle to get to and from the National Arena.

General Manager, Independence Park, Major Desmon Brown, has informed that park and ride locations are at King’s House east grounds, Up Park Camp (Duppy Gate entrance) and Jamaica College (JC).

“The frequencies will range from 10 minutes up to 20 minutes and we assure you that we will have enough buses, so you don’t have a long time to wait,” he said.

He pointed out that special arrangements have been made for persons with disabilities, who will be asked to use the facilities at King’s House.

“We are asking persons with a disability to go to the park and ride at King’s House. We have an area there very close to the pick-up, which has been reserved for them to park. In addition, the JUTC will operate the bus with the wheel chair lift that will transport persons, as required,” Mr. Brown said.

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