JIS News

Earlier today, the nation stood with pride at the playing of our National Anthem, and the hoisting of the National Flag of Jamaica for our female athletes, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce and Veronica Campbell Brown, as they collected their gold and bronze medals respectively for their performances in the 100 metre women’s finals at the London Olympics.

Then, a few minutes ago, the world stood still as three Jamaican male athletes, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell and Yohan Blake went into the blocks for the men’s 100 metre finals.

The performance of Bolt and Blake, in capturing the Gold and the Silver, was sheer brilliance.

I congratulate Usain Bolt on setting a new Olympic record, a truly magnificent performance.

I also congratulate Asafa for making the 100 metre finals at the Olympics for the third time, and regret his injury which prevented him from performing at the level for which he has prepared so hard.

Of the six medals available in the 100 metre men’s and 100 metre women’s finals, Jamaica has captured four. This performance of our men and women demonstrates, once again, that Jamaica is more than a name, more than a brand: it is the pride a people.

My heartiest congratulations go out to our team – the athletes, sports administrators, coaches, managers, doctors, and physiotherapists – everyone who has contributed to this success.