eGov Jamaica Ltd (Formerly Fiscal Services Ltd.)

We were incorporated in Jamaica under the Companies Act as a limited liability company on April 15, 1985. The Company commenced operations in April 1986. The Revenue Board, on behalf of the Government of Jamaica held the Authorized Shares initially but those shares were subsequently transferred on March 31, 1991 to the Accountant General, a corporation sole pursuant to the power vested in him by the Crown Property (Vesting) Act 1960.

The initial capitalization cost required for building construction, purchasing of computers and the acquisition of technical assistance was provided in the form of grants by the European Economic Community (EEC), United States AID (USAID), World Bank and the Government of Jamaica Counterpart funding. Provision for annual development and operating expenses are included in the Government of Jamaica Estimates of Expenditures.

In April 1991, the Ministry of Industry, Production and Commerce declared the premises on which FSL is located to be a free zone. On December 13, 1999, the Company’s name was changed from Fiscal Services (EDP) Limited to Fiscal Services Limited (FSL) in keeping with the expanding role of the organization.

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