Agro Investment Corporation

Agro-Investment Corporation is an agricultural investment facilitation, advisory and management company. We function as the business facilitation department within the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, with a focus on agricultural investment promotion and facilitation, project development and market development. Agro-Invest covers the investment chain from the identification of opportunities through feasibility studies, due diligence and business planning to fundraising, project management, long term business performance monitoring and technical support. Agro-Invest seeks to activate, stimulate, facilitate and undertake agricultural development for economic advancement and well-being of the Jamaican people.
At Agro-Invest we see agricultural production as a business activity that must be propelled by market intelligence. We provide entrepreneurs and existing agro-producers with a highly diverse, innovative and competent staff to aid the transition into value-added production and modernize marketing systems being utilized.

Strategic Objectives
There are six (6) strategic objectives that will seek to ensure that the Mission is realized. These are:

  1. To achieve a positive return on investment in the Agro-Invest.
  2. To enhance the utilization of government owned agricultural assets.
  3. To attract and retain new investors in the agricultural sector.
  4. To increase the attractiveness of the sector to younger, skilled and trained entrepreneurs.
  5. To strengthen identified competitive and relevant agro-industries and sub-sectors.
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