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    Fire Safety Awareness Week will be observed from October 23 to 29, under the theme – ‘Fire Prevention: A Collective Effort’.
    Senior Deputy Superintendent of Fire Prevention, Rupert Francis, told JIS News that the week would involve a number of activities designed to raise awareness in children and adults, on how to exercise diligence in avoiding tragic situations. He added that school drills would also be conducted.
    Commenting on the theme, he said fire prevention “is everybody’s business. It is not [exclusively the responsibility of] the Fire Prevention section, or the Fire Department. It’s everybody’s effort that prevents fatalities caused by fire”.
    He said the week would commence with a National Church Service at the Edgewater Baptist Church in Edgewater, St. Catherine. This, he said, would be followed by an exhibition from Monday to Wednesday at the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library, on Tom Redcam Avenue.
    Mr. Francis noted that the exhibition would feature special guest speakers, who would address different aspects of fire management each day.
    On Monday, October 24, the topic of ‘Airport Fire Safety’ will be examined. Participants will benefit from a one-hour presentation on solid waste management on Tuesday, while on Wednesday, the audience will hear from a representative of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM).
    Mr. Francis pointed out that the week would see fire-fighters touring several communities with a view to educating residents about fire prevention. On Tuesday, October 25, a team of fire-fighters will visit the communities of Riverton Meadows, Callaloo Meadows, New Haven, Greenwich Town and South Side.
    Communities earmarked for outreach on Wednesday are Rollington Town, Franklin Town, Waltham Park Road and Allman Town. The team will visit Majesty Gardens on Thursday, and on Friday, the communities of Port Royal, Olympic Gardens, Doncaster and Maxfield Avenue will participate in public education talks given by members of the Jamaica Fire Brigade.
    The Senior Deputy Superintendent noted that several school children would have an opportunity to tour the York Park Fire Station in Half-Way-Tree on Thursday, October 27.
    In addition to these activities, Mr. Francis said that members of the Fire Brigade will put on a ball to be held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, on October 31.

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