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Minister of Education, Youth and Culture, Maxine Henry Wilson has said that Jamaicans must become more attuned to the various technologies that are being used within the education and business environments, if “we are to remain competitive in the global environment”.
Mrs. Henry Wilson was speaking at the launch of the 2005 ‘Edu Vision’ Conference, yesterday (October 19), at the head office of the Ministry of Education. “The Ministry recognizes the critical role of technology in globalization, and consequently we are emphasizing information and communication technologies in education, as a means of transforming our society and our people into knowledge based and globally competitive forces,” the Minister stressed.
The conference, which will get underway from November 2-5 at the Wyndham Rose Hall Resort & Country Club in Montego Bay, is a collaborative effort of the Ministries of Education, Youth and Culture; Commerce, Science and Technology, the Institute of Education, the Jamaica Teachers Association, and Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D). To be held under the theme: ‘Improving Governance and Leadership in Education and Training with Technology’, the conference will bring together educators, technology professionals, researchers, policy makers, teachers, students, and education administrators, who will share ideas and “best practices” as they relate to the use of technology in education and training.
Among the key issues to be discussed at this year’s conference are ‘Innovations and Strategies in Teacher Education’, ‘Institutional Strengthening’, and, ‘Technological Competencies for Human Services’.
Minister Henry Wilson said the conference would serve to heighten awareness about the importance of governance and leadership, create a forum in which the latest research data and “best practices” in the integration and delivery of technology in education would be critically evaluated, as well as showcase technological innovations and promote their utilization in education and training.
She said the conference was being held at an appropriate time, in light of the transformation that would be taking place in Jamaica’s education system over the next 10 years.
“The benefits from such engagements and inter-play cannot be undervalued, especially at a time when we’re working towards a transformed education system,” the Minister emphasised.
She also noted that the conference would serve to “bring to the fore” in the minds of Jamaicans, the importance of the use of technology in the learning process, in light of current changes taking place in the global environment.
The Edu Vision conference was first held in 2003, in response to the changes that were taking place in the education environment, both locally and internationally. It is held biennially, and looks at the various technological approaches that are being used, and that will be used in enhancing the learning process for both teachers and students.

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