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As the rains associated with Hurricane Wilma continue to drench the island, road users in Manchester and St. Elizabeth are being urged by their Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinators to exercise extreme caution when faced with large bodies of water as well as landslides.
“We have received reports of ponding and landslides on a number of roads, such as the one leading from Downs to Lititz, Downs to Alligator Pond, Gutters to Downs, and along the Christiana to Alston main road there has been some land slippage and a similar situation also exists from Dump to Moravia,” Co-ordinator for Manchester, Sherina Smith told JIS News.
Miss Smith noted that persons in areas affected by landslides would, in most cases, have to travel in a single lane.
“Follow the instructions of authorized individuals who might be on the spot directing traffic,” she advised. She also noted that areas around Mandeville had flooded, such as Confidence Avenue, near Belair School and at the back of Decarteret College on the road leading into Georges Valley.
Miss Smith pointed out that two families had to be evacuated and relocated with the help of the fire department.
She said that although there has been consistent rainfall, no shelter has been officially opened.
Disaster Co-ordinator for St. Elizabeth, Yvonne Morrison told JIS News that a number of communities had been seriously affected by hurricane Wilma. She noted that the communities of Bigwoods and Vineyard had been flooded, and urged persons living in flood prone areas to leave before they are marooned.
“If you have families or friends on higher ground who can provide shelter for you and your family, stay with them until the bad weather has passed,” she said.

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