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Jamaica Festival 2k8 was officially launched last night (June 12) by the Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Culture, with the words, “Jamaica Festival 2k8 will be like no other as we strive to re-energize the strength, vitality and indomitable spirit of our people.”
Miss Grange, whose portfolios also include Information, Youth and Sports said at the Festival launch ceremony held at Emancipation Park, that Jamaica had overcome many challenges in 46 years as an Independent country and that nothing was impossible when the people bonded together in one love and as one family.
Minister Grange said the world was continuously puzzled; amazed by the impact of a small nation such as Jamaica on global trends and practices. “The potency of Jamaica’s culture is manifested by the ways in which nations around the world have embraced and assimilated “Jamaicanness” into their way of life.”
She said that Jamaica’s culture constituted one of the country’s most valuable assets and should be persevered and maintained for the overall prosperity of the nation. She added that, “our past – which defines us as a people and influences our future – must be commemorated while sustaining the totality of our make-up which include our behaviour patterns, arts, beliefs institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.”
The Minister said of Jamaica Festival that it was the name given to the synthesis of events and activities at Independence time and is now enhanced by the celebration of Emancipation Day. She said the ceremonies, acts of thanksgiving, artistic performances and festivities were successfully interwoven to achieve a rich blend which has served the nation well.
Jamaica festival 2k8 will run from Thursday, 31st July to August 6 under the direction of the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports (MICYS) and will showcase events promoted by the Jamaica Cultural development Commission (the JCDC).

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