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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says government will seek to provide $5-million dollars to assist the Kingston YMCA to ensure that the organisation continues its work of rescuing people and transforming their lives.
Mr. Golding was speaking at the 88th anniversary banquet of the Kingston YMCA last night (June 12) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. He paid special tribute to the YMCA’s Administrator and General Secretary, Sarah Newland-Martin, whom he noted had given her life to the cause of the YMCA.
He said the YMCA had made an enormous achievement by simply surviving this long and continuing the work to which it has always been so passionately committed. He noted that since the 1920’s when the YMCA was just formed, it has maintained its tradition of rescuing lives.
He said there are so many human beings who are contributing to society, who, but for the intervention of the YMCA, would have been left behind to become part of the destructive constituency which surrounds the nation. Mr. Golding paid tribute to those who continue this tradition and who have passed the torch to others who do such wonderful work with young people. He expressed concern that too many organisations like the YMCA are struggling to survive. He commended the companies which have supported the YMCA some of which were recognised and honoured at the function.
Mr. Golding urged more companies to step forward and help. He said there are many companies and individuals who have a duty to give back and to invest because many, who are living a wonderful life, may well be the successes they are because of the intervention of organisations like the YMCA.
Last night’s function recognised the contribution of a number of companies and individuals who have contributed to the YMCA over the years. These included Jamaica National Building Society, Tank Weld, J.H Dunstan & Associates, WB Trophies, Burger King, West Indies Alumina Company, Rev C. Evans- Bailey and the Rev Canon Weevile Gordon. A special honouree, Dr Horace Fisher was recognised by the YMCA’s General Secretary, Sarah Newland-Martin. He was presented with his award by Prime Minister Golding.

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