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Work to effect repairs on some 10 kilometres of roadway, linking the farming communities of Riversdale, Pear Tree Grove, Top Mountain and their environs in North East St. Catherine, is slated to commence next month under the Government’s multi-billion Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP), Member of Parliament, Gregory Mair, has disclosed.
JDIP is a US$400 million ($36 billion) project, being financed through a loan agreement between Jamaica and the government of China, which will entail rehabilitation of major and parochial roads across the island over the next five years, as well as the construction and repair of bridges, drains and other attendant features. It is being spearheaded by China Harbour Engineering Limited (Jamaica).
Speaking to JIS News following a recent tour of the $6 million Top Mountain Protected Agriculture Cluster and Training Centre, Mr. Mair said that the road work to be undertaken in his constituency will provide a welcome relief for farmers, as they will now be better able to transport their produce to the market, and improve community access.
“The road.is one that I have been lobbying for, for a long time.but it’s going to be starting next month, under the Chinese rehabilitation road programme. So the farmers.will have a good road to reach their markets,” he stated.
Other roads earmarked for repairs under the JDIP in St. Catherine, include: Old Harbour to Old Harbour Bay; Worthy Park to Ewarton; Naggo Head to Dawkins Pen; Brunswick Avenue; Monk Street and sections serving the Fairview Park Housing Scheme.
Mr. Mair told JIS News that when complete, the rehabilitated roads will complement the Pear Tree Grove water system, which was commissioned into service last year. Work on that system, which cost some $13.2 million, was spearheaded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), and is expected to benefit in excess of 200 households.
“That is a massive water system that takes care of all the people of Pear Tree Grove, Dry River, all the way up here (in Top Mountain),. going down to Facey. So the infrastructure (development) is going (on), as we go along,” he informed.
Top Mountain Protected Agriculture Cluster and Training Centre, initiated by
Mr. Mair under his Constituency Development Fund (CDF), will provide assistance in the form of greenhouse technology application and attendant training, to the four participating farmers, in an effort to enhance and maximise their crop yields. The farmers are engaged primarily in the cultivation of tomatoes and sweet/bell peppers.

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