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Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, has pledged full support to the BREDS Foundation sports park, noting that it provides the opportunity to incorporate sports among the parish’s tourism offerings.
“When you take the tourists here and introduce them to the warmth and friendliness of the people, and of country life, with sports at the centre of that relationship, it is going to be a wonderful experience. Jamaica is at the centre of the world because of its sports and music,” Minister Grange stated, while delivering the keynote address at the opening of phase one of the project on Saturday (September 11).
She urged the management of the facility to take advantage of the nearby Calabash Bay Beach to offer beach-related sports and activities. “I see this location as being a great location for cricket, for beach football, beach volleyball and other experiences and I am committing full support,” she said.
Chairman of the BREDS Foundation, Jason Henzell, said that facility would promote sports tourism.
He noted that a major international literary festival and several sporting events are staged in Treasure Beach every year, “and we want to position Treasure Beach as the destination for sports tourism in Jamaica.”
Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, in his remarks, stated that the construction of the facility is a prime example of how communities can manage their own affairs. “A structure like this is really an outstanding achievement,” the Mayor said.
The BREDS Foundation sports park is situated on a 15-acre property and will offer various sporting activities for residents and visitors.
Phase one of the project, which was completed at a cost of $3 million, included the construction of male and female bathrooms, office and meeting space, a cricket pitch and football field.
The second phase, which is already underway, entails construction of gyms, tennis courts, volleyball and netball courts, among other facilities.
A section of the park will be named the Desmond Henry Community Centre, in honour of the deceased former Director of Tourism, and native of Treasure Beach.

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