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The official cause of death of the two Jamaican farm workers in Canada should be known on September 15, when the coroner releases the autopsy report.
Autopsies on both bodies were done yesterday (September 13), and the bodies released to the Jamaica Liaison Service.
Ralston Whyte from Pike, Manchester, who was 36 years old and 44-year-old Paul Roach from the district of Preddie, in Milk River, Clarendon, were both pronounced dead at the Hanover Hospital in Hanover, Ontario, Canada, on September 10 after an accident on the Filsinger’s Organic Foods farm where they were both employed. The Canadian Ministry of Labour is conducting investigations.
Chief Liaison Officer in the Jamaica Liaison Service, Larkland Stone told JIS News that Murphy’s Funeral Home will be preparing the bodies to be returned to Jamaica. “Today is a very sombre and solemn day for us in the office,” he noted.
Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto, Mr. Seth George Ramocan expressed deep regret at the turn of affairs which took the men’s lives.
“I can’t say enough how saddened we are at what has taken place; moreso against the background of knowing that this is really a great opportunity for the farm workers to find a means of income to improve their lives. We are deeply affected at how this must be so painful for the families,” said the Consul General.
Mr. Ramocan added that the Consulate is very committed to assisting with the process of information flow to Jamaica and to the relatives.
Meanwhile, the Chief Liaison Officer informed that this was Mr. Roach’s sixth season and Mr. Whyte’s seventh season on the Farm Work Programme. They had been with the same Canadian employer from the beginning.
The Jamaican Farm Work Programme began in 1964 in Canada and this year more than 6,000 Jamaicans are employed on some 300 Canadian farms.

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