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Deputy Mayor of Portmore, Councillor Colin Fagan has called for the Municipal Council to expeditiously institute a development order for Portmore, as a means of regulating the construction activities in that municipality.
He made the appeal at a Council meeting held last week at the Portmore Pines Plaza.
Councillor Fagan pointed to an area in the Municipality called ‘Concrete Park’ where he said construction activities were taking place “in an indecent haste without proper management”. This activity he said was cause for concern, and therefore the need for a development order.
“Construction is going on there at a rapid pace despite the imposition of stop notices and the connections they are making are alarming, plus there is no planned development, no space for parking and I doubt if there is a proper ‘by the books’ sewerage system being put in place,” he lamented.
The Deputy Mayor cautioned that the development could result in future disaster if a development order were not instituted to avert it. He called on fellow Councillors to take the necessary steps to have the Council prioritise the matter.

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