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In keeping with its thrust to develop a comprehensive Local Sustainable Development Plan (LSDP) the Manchester Parish Development Committee has organised a special workshop for stakeholders, to be held at Bloomfield Great House on April 20, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
Chairman of the Development Committee, John Minott told JIS News that the LSDP was based on Agenda 21, an international programme endorsed by the United Nations.
“The programme stresses participatory community based approach to planning and it also addresses several different sectors, which tie into economic as well as business development of the parish,” he explained.
Mr. Minott noted that the Agenda also dealt with social and environmental issues.
“At the workshop participants will engage in mapping exercises to help develop a common vision for the parish, I urge business operators to come out and make their input,” he said.
Mr. Minott noted that the Manchester Parish Development Committee was now at the third stage of the planning process.
“This is the visioning and priority setting stage. Part one was about partnership building while part two was the development of a parish profile. At this point it is very critical as this is where we bring the profile back to the communities and show them what are the resources that are available to be utilised,” he said.

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