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Some $86.5 million has been set aside in the 2006/07 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives, for crop and livestock production in the Ministry of Agriculture and Land.
The Jamaica Dairy Development Board will receive $11.11 million of the funds to continue to develop policy and monitor the growth of the sector, while the Special Incentives for Small Farmers sub-project will receive $75.41 million. The objective of this project is to assist the most vulnerable small farmers in their efforts at production by providing seedlings, spraying equipment, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, feed and day-old chicks.
Meanwhile, a total of $25.9 million has been allocated to fund several projects, which fall under the Ministry’s Rural Development (Survey, Land Administration, Settlement and Land Reform) Programme.
Some $5 million will go towards the Acquisition of Land Project, which undertakes payments for Project Land Lease properties leased by the Commissioner of Lands from private landowners, along with fees for surveying the properties. This provision also includes drainage fees payable to the National Irrigation Commission (NIC).
Also, $4.5 million has been set aside to facilitate a National Estate Management Project to allow for more government-owned property to be brought into productive use. The project also lends support to national, social, economic and other developmental policies through an established Property Management Information System.
In addition, the Jamaica Land Titling Project is to receive $11.4 million to continue to assist with the development of Land Information and Cadastral Mapping system, which supports land registration and divestment, land valuation and general information access for informed-decision making.
A major focus of the titling project will be the continued preparation and maintenance of a digital cadastral index of the island and the digital storage of Certificates of Title.
A project for repairs and improvement of the National Land Agency’s regional office in Mandeville and additional work at the Ardenne Road head office will receive $5 million in total.

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