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The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is urging consumers to utilise the various options available to do their regular shopping safely as the country deals with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Speaking on the JIS Television programme, ‘Get the Facts’, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CAC, Dolsie Allen, said in order to minimise outdoor activities, consumers should ensure they prepare and plan before undertaking their shopping.

“We speak to persons, we know exactly where the stores are and we can get prices. A lot of them offer online facilities in terms of pricing, availability, and also they do advertisements in the papers. Also, the CAC, we do have prices of so many items on our website and our App, and we encourage you to utilise those facilities,” Mrs. Allen said.

She also noted that persons can link with family members or friends and buy some items in bulk.

“Many times you get a discount; as we all know, we have to manage the little resources that we have. So, what we find is that, depending on where you are, the prices may be $200 or $300 more than another place. You have to ensure that you plan your activities and plan your routes,” Mrs. Allen said.

“Over a period of time, you know exactly where to get the bargain as consumers, because we shop all the time and we have an idea of those that are extremely expensive and those that are more reasonable. So, we ask that you utilise that information,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Allen said several companies are advertising their products in the newspapers daily, while some are utilising social media.

“You can just ensure you know exactly what the offerings are out there. There are significant differences in some locations, as those same items are being sold for much more than in a particular location,” she noted.

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