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The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) was established to provide Members of Parliament with financial resources to execute approved sustainable social and economic programs within their constituencies.
. Members of Parliament must have regular consultations with their constituents to identify and prioritise development issues.
. A broad based Constituency Projects Oversight Committee (CPOC) chaired by the Member of Parliament must be established in every constituency to develop the activities/projects arrived at based on these consultations.
. CPOC membership comprises Councillors, Constituency Caretakers, and representatives from different interest groups (faith based organisations, CBOs, NGOs, the business sector etc.)
Community groups cannot therefore apply directly to the CDF for project funding, but must ensure that their membership partakes in consultations and seek representation on the CPOC. Information about the Jamaican Constituency Development Fund is available at: http://www.opm.gov.jm/opm_programmes/community_development_fund

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