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More than 6,000 fortnightly paid temporary workers of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), will soon be receiving their salaries by electronic transfer and be able to access their money using Quick Pay debit cards, courtesy of the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).
The Authority’s workers will now be able to access their wages at any BNS branch and from other ATM machines. This also means that the workers are automatic account holders with BNS, and will reduce the cost of printing cheques for all these workers, which was putting a severe stress on the NSWMA’s accounts department.
“We want to make life easier for the people we have to do business with,” Executive Director of the NSWMA said. “We are focussing on our temporary workers. It is tiresome for you the workers at times who have to travel for miles to access your money. We will be taking your particulars such as your NIS and TRN (taxpayer registration number). Then we are going to prepare a pay slip for you and send you a card, which you can use to access your money,” she told the assembled workers.
Mrs. Gordon Webley, who was speaking at the launch of the Quick Pay card, at the NSWMA Head Office, at 61 Half-Way Tree Road on July 10, said that the new facility will eliminate the cost associated with preparing weekly cheques for the approximately 6,000 temporary NSWMA workers islandwide.
She pointed out that this will have the added benefit of encouraging workers to save some of their salary and prevent the loss of their money, such as what happened when one worker was recently robbed of his salary on his way from the bank.
As automatic customers, the workers will not have to go through the rigours of opening an account and having to provide recommendations and references.

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