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With the confirmation of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Jamaica, the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) is encouraging customers to utilise the Agency’s recently launched Electronic Business Registration Form (eBRF) to register their new business names and new companies.

The platform can be accessed via the Agency’s website www.orcjamaica.com, and will facilitate the reservation, registration of entity names, as well as allow for customers to courier the documents to themselves upon successful registration.

Kawain Fearon, public relations officer at the COJ stated that, “we have a space concern at the COJ and given this announcement we are encouraging persons to utilise the online platform to complete transactions as it pertains to registrations. Customers filing Annual Returns and other notices will be asked to use the drop-off box. The COJ will continue to provide certified copies and letters in office. This will assist in allowing for the continued health and safety of our customers and staff in the fight against the virus.”

The Agency’s website allows for the registration of new companies and new business names, document search, request for documents and can be accessed at any time. “We see a high number of customers and handle many documents on a daily basis and we have to be proactive in our response. This will include actively monitoring staff and customers who exhibit symptoms and provide sanitary items. In fact, we will be looking at our operations with a view of making engagement times shorter and lessen crowds at our offices,” Fearon said.

Contact: Kawain Fearon Contact: 260-4334/908-4419-25 (ext 23106) Email: cojcommunications@gmail.com fearonka@orcjamaica.com

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