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Dear Colleagues,

School Administrators are being advised that the Ministry is now at the Red Alert phase of the Education in Emergencies plan. Consequently, schools will be closed with effect, March 13, 2020 for 14 days. During this period, the situation will be monitored and after ten days, an update will be provided.

School Administrators are being asked to organize their staff (ancillary and academic) to facilitate the preparation, support and monitoring of the learning activities while students are out of school. Parents/guardians are to be advised to make the necessary preparation to retrieve students from the boarding Institutions including our teachers’ colleges.

To ensure that the students learning continue while out of school, please be reminded of the following:

 Printing services are available in each region to support the preparation of printed materials.

 Learning Kits in the form of printed materials can be collected at the Regional Offices and established drop off points.

 A PEP hotline has been activated to support questions related to PEP and other areas of Education. (See contact list at the end of the bulletin) Psychosocial support is also available via this facility.

 Online resources for Grade levels 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 are now accessible from our educational partners via the following links:

o Book Fusion- https://www.bookfusion.com/ o Learning Hub – https://learninghub.online/

o EduFocal – https://www.edufocal.com/

o CHEETAH – http://www.mydreamcheetah.net/pep.html




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