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Customers of the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) are being advised to utilize the electronic Business Registration Form (eBRF) to register their new business names and new companies.

Persons can access the Form via the COJ’s website, www.orjamaica.com from any location globally.

Public Relations Officer of the COJ Kawain Fearon told JIS News that customers are also being encouraged to use the drop-off box facility located in the lobby area of the office.

He said that this is necessary to limit the number of customers entering the office to no more than 20 persons or fewer in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“So once persons come through the door they will be engaged by a representative who will take their documents and issue them with a receipt for the documents. Once that is done, then they can drop it in the box for processing and leave the office,” he explained.

Regarding the use of eBRF, Mr. Fearon said this can be used “to request and search for documents, as well as to courier the documents to themselves after registration using the website,” he added.

He said that customers can also use the agency’s social media pages, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get answers to questions they may have.

Additionally, he said that COJ has been providing guidance to persons using the online system.

“Persons who have used the system but have not quite completed the process in a particular time frame, we are contacting them to see what the issue is and to try to assist them in completing the form in a timely manner,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fearon said the COJ has postponed its mobile service in Westmoreland, Hanover and St James, scheduled for March 23 to 26.

“We have been reaching out to our customers at that end to say that the mobile has been postponed until further notice. They can also utilize our web service or drop-off box or if they choose pay at the bank and to courier the documents along with the receipts into our office for processing,” he said.

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