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Manager of the Kingston Restorative Justice Centre, Roydon Hall, is appealing to churches to promote restorative justice.

“Nationally, I am appealing to the church to promote restorative justice, because we are taking the same messages of the church islandwide,” Mr. Hall said.

He was speaking to JIS News at the 10th Conference on Restorative Justice, held recently at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston.

Mr. Hall said that churches play an integral role in how society operates and have the power to influence citizens.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that more schools, communities and businesses are using restorative justice practices.

“Schools are adopting restorative justice practices to assist the administrators, as well as the student population and the ancillary staff, from a whole school perspective, where persons in conflict will deal with it in a different way,” Mr. Hall said.

He noted that the Ministry of Justice, through promoting restorative justice practices, is providing citizens with the opportunity to solve conflicts peaceably and be a part of the justice process.

“Since the passing of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provision) Act, several cases are being referred to the Restorative Justice Centres islandwide,” Mr. Hall informed.


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