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A sum of $638 million has been set aside in the 2019/20 Estimates of Expenditure for the HIV Prevalence in Most-at-Risk Population Reduced Project.

The funds will go towards increasing safer sex practices; strengthening care, counselling and treatment services; and addressing stigma and discrimination among vulnerable and high-risk groups, including men who have sex with men (MSM) and female sex workers (FSW).

HIV testing, counselling and individual and small group-level preventative interventions will be provided for thousands of MSM and FSW.

An additional 2,500 adults and children will be enrolled for antiretroviral therapy, and continued treatment provided for 16,200 adults and children currently receiving such therapy.

Achievements under the programme at the end of December 2018 include counselling and testing for 2,119 MSM and support for 1,991 of them through individual and/or small group HIV preventive interventions.

In addition, HIV testing and counselling were provided for 2,929 FSW, with some 2,807 FSW reached through individual and group interventions.

An additional 1,484 adults and children were enrolled on antiretroviral therapy, and continued care provided for 9,512 adults and children.

The HIV Prevalence in Most-at-Risk Population Reduced Project is funded by the Government of Jamaica and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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